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E.F.A. – Technical meeting in Varna

On 17. – 19. October 2017 interested members as well as guests of the E.F.A. – European fireplace association met for the autumn meeting in the premises of Pertinger GmbH/Srl in Varna in the beautiful South-Tyrol. During the meeting on 18.10.2017 various lectures were held: Among others, our CEO Mr. Christian Droll gave a lecture […]

Technical approval as testing, monitoring and certification body for chimneys, air-exhaust-systems, particle colector and further construction products

With the notification of 26. September 2017 from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, the RRF is officially approved for further building products. Since we established ourselves on the marked being a testing, monitoring and certification body, we incorporated further important construction products into our portfolio: including room-sealed flue gas collectors both for solid fuels and […]

Energy Labelling of local space heaters

The regulation was published on 21.07.2015 in the official journal of the European Union and officially came into force on 10.08.2015. This directive applies to every local space heater up to 50 kW. The requirements mentioned in the directive apply for every local space heater, that is no solid fuel heater without or with an […]

Conto Termico 2.0

Since May 2016, a subsidy for fireplaces was granted by the Italian government. The total allowance amounts to 900 million € per year. In order to receive this subsidy as a private individual, an old room heater has to be replaced by a new one. The old room heater has to be brought to a […]

RRF goes “green”

Climate change, limited resources and rising energy prices force to make actions. New environmental regulations from politics and the wish from many companies for more sustainability promote a change for more energy efficient solutions. Modern lighting technology helps to significantly reduce electricity consumption while at the same time improving the lighting quality on a sustained […]

Christmas Action 2016: RRF supports roterkeil.net

In this year´s Christmas campaign the RRF supports the foundation roterkeil.net. Again the RRF-team wanted to be socially involved and supported the foundation roterkeil.net with a donation for the fight against child prostitution. As well as last year we did not want to leave our customers empty-handed and therefore made some self made liqueur for […]

First FlammeVerte Laboratories Meeting

The first official FlammeVerte (FV) Laboratories Meeting was on 23th of June 2016 in Paris at „Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables”. The presentation about FV label, the RoundRobin test between the FV laboratories and the accreditation of the laboratories by Eurovent Certita were big points of the agenda. Also the „Golden Rules Document“ for the FV […]

Important information of the prospective EN 16510

We would like to give you again the current information about the restructuring of series of standards of fireplaces by CENT/TC 295 to a new series of standards EN 16510 ” Residential solid fuel burning appliances”.   What is EN16510? The EN 16510 part 1 together with part 2 will supersede EN 13240 for roomheater, […]