About the RRF

The Rhein-Ruhr Feuerstätten Prüfstelle GmbH is an European notified testing laboratory (notified body number: 1625) in the range of certification for solid and liquid fuels of fireplaces.

The head office is in Oberhausen inwardly of the Ruhrgebiet. There is a testing laboratory with 8 test benches as well as the administration. Our branch office provides another testing laboratory and 4 test benches in Drolshagen in the region Sauerland. Our engaged members of staff in both testing laboratories cover extensive business activities for you.

We are working for European as well as international customers. Our skills are distinguished for our high flexibility, promptness and customer oriented work plus the testing with latest measurement technique for an active co-operation on climate protection and new safety engineering.

We attach great importance to agree with your individual requests and to adjust to your annual planning. In this connection we can go into detail for the requests of small stove manufacturers as well as of manufacturers with more than 100.000 units per year. Our business objective is to take care of you in an individual way and to deliver reproducing test results by our skills and experience. Over 150 customers all over the world trust in us. These are more than 250 tests and certifications of fireplaces per year and also combined controlling agreements and certification contracts.

With our qualified members of staff we offer you a custom-made service. Every staff member of our company has a completed specialist training. They are multilingual and got upgraded with external and internal courses of instruction.