Our service for you

Our years of experience, our quality and our service speak for themselves. Extensive service features even after finishing a test project are self-evident for us and included in our certification or test fees.
Here we give you a little insight:

  • great capacity with two locations, a total of 12 test benches and thereby fast processing and high grade of flexibility
  • extensive communication channels such as permanent occupied telephone exchange, additional staff members, who are also included in the projects, directly multilingual communication, communication via skype or similar
  • detailed consulting before and during the tests
  • counseling interview at your home for on-site inspection of fireplaces or easier processing of orders respectively connection of the communication channels and consulting of the on-site test technique (no travel expense report, also short-term visits are possible)
  • opportunity for manufacturer-side attendance of tests
  • no additional charges for interruption of tests or possible modifications on appliance through manufacturer as well as continuation of tests
  • support and consulting with setting of your test facilities
  • assistance with your first issue of the operating instruction as well as type label respectively CE-label and declaration of performance
  • transfer of the documents in every language of the CEN-member-countries
  • consulting at the quality control
  • assistance and consulting on a market entrance (needed tests, explanation of limit values and country-specified information etc.), assistance in communication with authorities and competent bodies (also outside of Germany)
  • customer services even after finishing a test project, inquiries and advice with test reports, communication with sales department, chimney sweeper or authorities (DIBt, VKF, DEFRA etc.)
  • permanent actuality and information from standardization committee and conferences (TC295, WG 5, LOT 20, LOT 15, EFA)
  • training classrooms for up to 30 persons (barrier-free with lift obtainable)
  • free using of training classrooms through customers for meetings with business partners

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer and to earn your business!

The RRF works for confident customers in these countries:


The strong partners of the RRF

For offering you a high level on quality, we only work with partners, who operate on the same high-quality standard as we do. As part of the testing processes and inspection of test equipment we exclusively work with ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories or ISO/IEC 9001 certificated deliverers.

  • ABB (measurement instrumentation, gas analyser)
  • Afriso-Euro-Index (measurement instrumentation)
  • AKS-Messtechnik GmbH (calibration)
  • Beuth Verlag GmbH (order and downloads of national and international standards)
  • Bühler Technologies GmbH (measuring gas processing system)
  • DIN-Akademie (seminars, conferences, workshops)
  • Emerson Process Management GmbH & Co. OHG (measurement instrumentation, gas analyser)
  • Exhausto GmbH (flue gas technique)
  • Gabelstapler-Center Kamen GmbH & Co. KG (lift truck service)
  • Isomehr GmbH (ISO 17025 accreditation, training courses and internal audits)
  • Klinkner&Partner GmbH (training courses)
  • Linde AG – Linde Gas (gases)
  • Lufft GmbH (measurement instrumentation, control technique)
  • M&C TechGroup Germany GmbH (testing probe and filter for withdrawal of gas, measure gas cooler)
  • Ordnungsliebe Delsing&Delsing GbR (bookkeeping etc.)
  • Paula Mertzen GmbH & Merco GmbH (logistic, gases and equipment)
  • Promat GmbH (insulations)
  • RAG Deutsche Steinkohle AG (fuel analyses)
  • Schräder Abgastechnologie (flue gas system and flue gas technique)
  • Silka GmbH (insulations)
  • Spedition Sauerland (logistics)
  • Steiner GmbH Chemie u. Labortechnik (standard chemicals, environmentally resolvent, laboratory equipment)
  • Techno-Physik Engineering GmbH (insulations)
  • Testo Industrial Services GmbH (calibration)
  • Testo AG (measurement instrumentation, measure dissolutions)
  • UCL Umwelt Control Labor GmbH (fuel analyses)
  • VWR International GmbH (chemicals, laboratory equipment)