Our service for you

Our years of experience, our quality and our service speak for themselves. Extensive service features even after finishing a test project are self-evident for us and included in our certification or test fees.
Here we give you a little insight:

  • great capacity with two locations, a total of 12 test benches and thereby fast processing and high grade of flexibility
  • extensive communication channels such as permanent occupied telephone exchange, additional staff members, who are also included in the projects, directly multilingual communication, communication via skype or similar
  • detailed consulting before and during the tests
  • counseling interview at your home for on-site inspection of fireplaces or easier processing of orders respectively connection of the communication channels and consulting of the on-site test technique (no travel expense report, also short-term visits are possible)
  • opportunity for manufacturer-side attendance of tests
  • no additional charges for interruption of tests or possible modifications on appliance through manufacturer as well as continuation of tests
  • support and consulting with setting of your test facilities
  • assistance with your first issue of the operating instruction as well as type label respectively CE-label and declaration of performance
  • transfer of the documents in every language of the CEN-member-countries
  • consulting at the quality control
  • assistance and consulting on a market entrance (needed tests, explanation of limit values and country-specified information etc.), assistance in communication with authorities and competent bodies (also outside of Germany)
  • customer services even after finishing a test project, inquiries and advice with test reports, communication with sales department, chimney sweeper or authorities (DIBt, VKF, DEFRA etc.)
  • permanent actuality and information from standardization committee and conferences (TC295, WG 5, LOT 20, LOT 15, EFA)
  • training classrooms for up to 30 persons (barrier-free with lift obtainable)
  • free using of training classrooms through customers for meetings with business partners

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer and to earn your business!

The RRF works for confident customers in these countries:


The RFF relies on strong partners

In order to offer you the highest possible quality, we rely exclusively on partners who work to the same high standards as our company.

We only use ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories or equivalent certified suppliers for our testing processes and test equipment monitoring.