The RRF is reforesting 100 trees!

We are on the way to make our company greener by renovations to the buildings, LED lighting, photovoltaic systems, and solar thermal systems in the past few years. Since the usage of biomass is an important part of our daily work, we would like to take responsibility for sustainable actions in this area as well. Our target is to reforest at least as much wood as is used in our company.

Since many forest areas were destroyed by the drought of recent years and the bark beetle infestation, we took this problem as an opportunity to get actively involved. Together with our families and friends, we have planted 100 seedlings, including protection against damage by game, in the woods at our laboratory in Drolshagen.

We would like to thank all employees, their families and our direct neighbour, D-Garage Drolshagen for their active help and a great autumn festival!

EFA – future workshop, board, and closed meeting

The past weekend from 25.06 to 28.06.2021 was all about the European Fireplaces Association (EFA).

It started on 25.06 with the board meeting in which our CEO Christian Droll took part as a board member. Interesting future projects, the associations work and basic organizational measures were discussed. The board met after the board meeting on that weekend for a closed meeting in Schönebeck at the Elbe. Current topics were delved into, tasks were discussed and distributed and a lot of input was processed.
In addition, Mr. Martin Zenker (SPD – speaker for energy, infrastructure, digitization, construction) gave an input from state and federal politics and the future meetings and events were planned.

On 28.06, the interesting and busy weekend was rounded off by the future workshop in combination with the FutureLab wood heating at the KUBUS Leipzig. Dr. Volker Lenz from the DBFZ gave the impulse: Energy transition without wood? Possibilities and limits of wood heating. Based on this information from politics and environmental issues, a future discussion was held. After many interesting points of view and a conclusion, they transferred to the FutureLab wood heating.
Interesting and new innovations from the industry were presented in 5 innovation slots. The focus here was on the companies DBI, Sfera Tec, Kutzner and Weber, ETE EmTechEngineering and the DBFZ.

24. Technical discussion of the working group wood firing

The annual technical discussion of the working group wood firing of the TFZ offers experts an opportunity to exchange information on current developments in our industry. This year, the RRF was again invited to the technical discussion on 09.06.2021 to get involved in the discussions.

As part of the working group, the TFZ offered space for interesting topics such as current standardization work, developments on the market of domestic wood firing or technical lectures on research and development.

Live support of tests via video conference

Supporting the test of your fireplace gives you the added value of observing the fireplace on the test bench and reacting quickly to the test results. So that you do not have to miss this due to the ongoing restrictions, you can also accompany the test via various video conferencing services such as Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom. There we can stream both the digital burning cycles and curves as well as a camera image of the fireplace on the test bench.

If you would like to follow the inspection of your fireplace live, please contact us for the digital support of tests via video conference.

12th expert meeting „Particle separators in domestic firings”

On 04.02.2021 the expert meeting about particle separators in connection with small domestic heating systems took place again. Above all, the development and standardization statuses in the field of dust / particle separators were discussed.

In order to bring our level of knowledge and our know-how into this meeting, we were happy to take part in this expert meeting.

Technical meetings of the associations in spring

Despite the ongoing corona pandemic, the associations are not inactive. The RRF is actively involved in the associations work.

The technical meeting on 08.02.2021, in shape of the round table technology of the European Fireplace Association (EFA) dealt this time with the current topics of discharge conditions above roofs as well as §19 of the 1. BImSchV.

On 10.02.2021 we took part in the meeting of the expert department Service, Accessories and Components as well as Exhaust Systems of the HKI. In addition to the election of the chairpersons of the individual expert departments, the current market situation and market development in house construction and the heating structure were also discussed.

Post in the Kachelofen & Kamin

Many ask themselves, where do the values on the type label on fireplaces or in the declaration of performance come from, and how are these values determined?

In the January issue of the Kachelofen & Kamin, our CEO Dennis Droll describes some of our interesting processes of our laboratory to create a better understanding for the subject of test results.

Technician-information day of the HKI

Events will continue to be held online at the end of the year, which we will of course attend for you.

The HKI technician information day was very informative thanks to many interesting presentations (e. g. on emission reduction measures and particle counting, as well as fireplaces in connection with heat pumps or LAS) by individual members.

Workshop of the Federal Environment Agency

The projects of the Federal Environment Agency (GER: UBA) are future-oriented and offer space for interesting and open discussions. On 07.12.2020, the technical heads of the RRF were invited as experts to the web meeting about the influence of condensates on particle concentration. Mr. Müller and Mr. Droll were able to contribute their knowledge and ideas to this workshop.

We are already looking forward to the next important and interesting discussion rounds in cooperation with the UBA.

EFA member meeting

Our work in associations will not be stopped by the corona pandemic. With the help of Zoom, Skype, Teams and Co, we will continue to take part in all important association conferences for you.

On 16.11.2020 Mr. Christian Droll participated in the member meeting for the Europäischen Feuerstätten Arbeitsgemeinschaft (EFA) for the RRF, at which all important internal association issues could be clarified. The board work is not resting either. In parallel to the general assembly, Mr. Droll also works on the board of directors at regular planning meetings and, together with the management as a research and science advisory board, is in constant contact with the relevant research groups and institutes.