Change the limit values by new Art. 15a B-VG for Austria and important information for tiled stove/heat storage fireplace manufacturer (2015)

As of 01.01.2015 new laws in Austria apply

On 31.12.2012 the Official Gazette for Vienna published the new

agreement in accordance with Article 15a B-VG on the marketing of residential heating and review of combustion plants and cogeneration units.

The limit values in the product range of solid fuel-fired appliances have changed. These chances or tightening of the values are valid from 01.01.2015.

From this date every fireplace which is going to place on the market has to fulfill this limit values:

Excerpt from the Article 15a B-VG:

Manually-fed roomheaters *) (wood fuels):
CO emissions = 1100 mg/MJ (unchanged)
NOx = 150 mg/MJ (unchanged)
OGC emissions = 50 mg/MJ (previously 80 mg/MJ)
Dust emissions = 35 mg/MJ (previously 60 mg/MJ)
Minimum efficiency = 80% (previously 78%)

Automatically-fed roomheaters **) (wood pellets):
CO emissions = 500 mg/MJ (unchanged)
NOx = 100 mg/MJ (previously 150 mg/MJ)
OGC emissions = 30 mg/MJ (unchanged)
Dust emissions = 25 mg/MJ (previously 50 mg/MJ)
Minimum efficiency = 80% (previously 78%)

*) for example roomheaters according to: DIN EN 13240, DIN EN 13229, DIN EN 12815, DIN EN 15250, DIN EN 15821

**) for example roomheaters according to: DIN EN 14785

Compliance with the limit values shall be verified by the appropriate type tests.


As of 01.01.2015 heat storage fireplaces have to prevent a confirmation of emissions

With come into effect of the first regulation implementing the Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz (BImSchV) of 22.03.2010 heat storage fireplaces have to prevent a confirmation of emission’s as of 01.01.2015.
This confirmation can be fulfilled with two methods:

  1. Local measuring after installation of the appliance
  2. Type test of the fireplace or of a fireplace family according to an acknowledged standard through an accredited body (like RRF)

The limit values of heat storage inset appliances with fill-in firing in accordance with DIN EN 13229/A1 are valid.

If you as a manufacturer of heat storage fireplaces or tiled stoves have the request of detailed information, it would be a pleasure for us to inform you by phone or in a personal conversation.