E.F.A. – Technical meeting in Varna

On 17. – 19. October 2017 interested members as well as guests of the E.F.A. – European fireplace association met for the autumn meeting in the premises of Pertinger GmbH/Srl in Varna in the beautiful South-Tyrol.

During the meeting on 18.10.2017 various lectures were held:

Among others, our CEO Mr. Christian Droll gave a lecture about “Energy Labelling of local space heaters”. The positive feedback during the meeting showed how relevant this topic is. Our team at the RRF will gladly inform you about current topics and will be available, as contact even after the meeting. (info@rrf-online.eu / Tel. +49 (0) 208 60 70 41 – 0)

Other topics were the presentation “company cooperation and cartel ban”, as well as an interesting and detailed factory and company tour of Pertinger GmbH/Srl.

For the first time guest of the E.F.A. were invited to the general annual meeting on 19. October 2017, so they could get an interesting view in the information and internals.

The next meeting will take place on 03./04. May 2018 in Erfurt. The technical meeting will provide interesting presentation program again – of course, guest are  welcome. More information for anyone interested will be provided directly at the office of E.F.A. e.V. Tel. +49 (0) 261 100 40 67 or mail@efa-europe.com


Technical approval as testing, monitoring and certification body for chimneys, air-exhaust-systems, particle colector and further construction products

With the notification of 26. September 2017 from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, the RRF is officially approved for further building products. Since we established ourselves on the marked being a testing, monitoring and certification body, we incorporated further important construction products into our portfolio: including room-sealed flue gas collectors both for solid fuels and liquid fuels, exhaust heat exchanger, catalysators, particle interceptor as both chimneys for houses and freestanding chimneys, air-exhaust-systems (LAS) exhaust gas lines and component parts of exhaust systems.

Of course, we offer you our competent service and technical knowhow for these building product groups like usual. We would be pleased to make you an offer about the testing or external control and certification of the above-mentioned product groups. Our staff is always available for your queries.