Summer Action 2015: RRF supports local Kindergartens and clubs

Reflective vests for Kindergarteners of Oberhausen:

The RRF supports the initiative of the road patrol of Oberhausen to equip the Kindergartener and pre-schoolers with reflective vests.

In this context the RRF donates reflective vests to Kindergarteners of the city.

Especially in the coming up autumn and winter the children on there future way to school should be seen much better by the eye of every traffic participant. 25 boys and girls received a radiant coloured reflective vest.

The garment equipped with reflectors on the front, back and sides will let the way to kindergarten and school safer.


DJK Adler Union Essen-Frintrop e. V. got a Defibrillator:

adlerunionThe RRF participates on the purchase of a defibrillator for the DJK Adler Union Essen-Frintrop e. V. on the sports facility “Frintroper Wasserturm”.

World wide 84 pro footballers died during the last 5 years by the sudden cardiac death on the football pitch.

A first step to reduce this number is the enlightenment. Because of that recently they are advanced educations to raise the participants awareness for this topic and teach them how to act in emergency.

Additionally a practical instruction on the defibrillator ensued. So the participants become – on one hand helper and on the other hand multiplicator to share the knowledge in the club – important persons in the fight against the sudden cardiac death.

The team of RRF is happy to support that the purchase in such a big club is an important step to minimize the risk and helps the athletes to feel more comfortable and safe on the football pitch.