Conto Termico 2.0

Since May 2016, a subsidy for fireplaces was granted by the Italian government.

The total allowance amounts to 900 million € per year. In order to receive this subsidy as a private individual, an old room heater has to be replaced by a new one. The old room heater has to be brought to a specialist retailer, together with photos and documents. . This must be documented and registered at the GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici). The newly acquired room heater must have an efficiency of > 85% and meet the requirements of DIN EN 13240.

Formula for the calculation of the grant:

Ia tot = 3,35 * In(Pn) * hr * Ci * Ce


Ia tot: annual subsidy for a max. of 2 years

Pn: nominal heat output from a type test according to EN 13240

Hr: hours of heating relating to the location (by region)

Ci: typology of the product

Typology of the product Ci-factor for room heaters with a  nominal heat output of  ≤ 35kWt
Room heater for burning wood 0,040 (€/kWht)
Pellet stove 0,040 (€/kWht)

Ce: Particulate-emission-coefficient

Particles (PM)  


(mg/Nm3 related to 13% O2)
30 < Emissions ≤ 40 1
25 < Emissions ≤ 30 1,2
Emissions ≤ 25 1,5


A room heater with an efficiency of 85%, at 6 kW nominal heat output, particles under 35 kW, particulate emission of 35 mg/m3 and sold in Bozen (f-zone) may be granted an annual subsidy of:

3,35 * In(6) * 1800 * 0,04 * 1 = 432.17 €  * 2 years = 864,34 €  total subsidy

RRF goes “green”

Climate change, limited resources and rising energy prices force to make actions. New environmental regulations from politics and the wish from many companies for more sustainability promote a change for more energy efficient solutions.

Modern lighting technology helps to significantly reduce electricity consumption while at the same time improving the lighting quality on a sustained basis.

Therefore, we from the RRF have made our way. Towards a low energy, environmentally friendly and long term cost effective variant lighting supply by ways of LED lighting in our laboratory in Oberhausen.