The Europäische Feuerstätten Arbeitsgemeinschaft (EFA) invited to the spring conference in Leipzig – RRF discussed the most urgent European issues.

  • Lectures give insight into emission issues and alternatives to the fuel wood.
  • Association reacts to strong growth with new organizational structure

From May 15 to 16, the spring conference of the Europäische Feuerstätten Arbeitsgemeinschaft brought together the most important representatives of the furnace and chimney and supply industry in the trade fair city of Leipzig, the site of the Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung (UFZ). The choice of location was not coincidental, as Uwe Striegler, chairman of the Europäische Feuerstätten Arbeitsgemeinschaft, made clear: “Questions about the environmental and health are the central questions in our industry. We represent an industry that is committed to its responsibility – there is no ‘keep it up’ for the industry! “

Dennis and Christian Droll also participated in the discussions, representing the interests of the RRF and its customers. And the talks were quite critical, but constructive. Dr. Ingo Hartmann from the Deutschen Biomasseforschungszentrum (DBFZ) presented the scientific perspective of the issue of emissions, Rico Essbach from the DBI gave important insights into the future of the conformity of fireplaces fuelled with wood. Perspectives beyond wood combustion were also a topic. Peter Havers from the traditional manufacturer Faber showed alternatives with the options of gas firing. A translator was present for the foreign guests.

There were also news from the association. Since March, Dr. Johannes Gerstner and Dirk Böhringer are in the management of the association. They follow Dr. Heinrich Göddeke, who retired because of age. In the future, the association will devote itself even more into political work and networking as well as at the same time intensify its technical cooperation in the standardization committees. The next important dates are the future workshop from 24 until 25 June in Leipzig and the autumn conference from 24 until 25 October in Berlin.