Flamme Verte Laboratories Meeting

On 16.11.2017, the second official Flame Verte Laboratories Meeting took place in Paris at the Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables. There were important topics on the agenda related to the Flame Verte Recognition. Also, the contract between Syndicat of Energies Renouvelables and the test laboratories was revised, the “Charte des Flamme Verte” for the manufacturers was presented and the procedure for the so-called “Performance Tests” and round robin tests were discussed. For you, we, as on of the leading laboratories, have contributed to the above-mentioned topics with our professional competence and our Know-how.

All in all, the label’s representatives place a high focus on the quality and compliance with emission requirements, not only in the “Entry Test” on the test bench, but also in the fireplaces in the ongoing production. In the coming years, regarding the ECO-Design guideline 2022, there will be further tightening on the requirements for manufacturers.