EFA – autumnal event in Salzburg

Twice a year the members of EFA find together to a general meeting. This year the autumnal event took place in Salzburg. The participants looked forward for an interesting program.

Speakers at the first day were:

  • Johannes Kaindlstorfer, representative for „Allianz Freie Wärme“ (Lecture: Dangers and chances of individual heating)
  • Johannes Steiglechner of TÜV Süd (Lecture: EU Nr. 305/2011, hamonized standards as well as notified testing laboratories in the context to fireplaces in Europe)
  • Thomas Sommeregger of agency elements.at New Media Solutions GmbH (Lecture: The digital consumer, his status quo and trends of the industry in online-marketing)

The main topic of the second day was the general meeting:

  • Welcome the new member of EFA e. V. – Dracholin GmbH from Metzingen
  • Discussion of usual agenda
  • diverse reports about European guidelines and standards
    • for example CEO Dr. Heinrich Göddeke (Lecture: latest stand to standards TC 295 of roomsealed fireplaces, LOT 15 and 20, EU Nr. 305/2011, hight of chimneys above the roof)


The next general meeting is spring 2015 in wider area of Würzburg on March of 18 and 19.

New technician at testing laboratory in Oberhausen

Since 01.11.2014 we are pleased to inform you that we have one new staff member in our testing laboratory in Oberhausen. Mr. Thomas Teuwsen is going to support us in test engineering. This will open up more capacity and faster procedure of testing as well as more capable service to you.

Mr. Teuwsen extends our team as master of electrical engineering and as of now he is gladly available as a new contact.

New trainee for the project „comparing measurements of methods for particle measurements”

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Kevin Schulte in our team of the RRF. He is studying machine engineering at the University of Siegen. Mr. Kevin Schulte is joining our project “comparing measurements of methods for particle measurements” starting 13 October 2014.

RRF Betriebsstätte Drolshagen

New phone number in our branch office Drolshagen


Dear Sir or Madam,

we would like to point out that our telephone and fax number change at our branch office Drolshagen.

Phone +49 2761 977 94 84
Fax       +49 2761 977 91 02

The contacts of our head office Oberhausen persist.

Phone +49 208 60 70 41 – 0
Fax      +49 208 60 70 41 – 28


Change the limit values by new Art. 15a B-VG for Austria and important information for tiled stove/heat storage fireplace manufacturer (2015)

As of 01.01.2015 new laws in Austria apply

On 31.12.2012 the Official Gazette for Vienna published the new

agreement in accordance with Article 15a B-VG on the marketing of residential heating and review of combustion plants and cogeneration units.

The limit values in the product range of solid fuel-fired appliances have changed. These chances or tightening of the values are valid from 01.01.2015.

From this date every fireplace which is going to place on the market has to fulfill this limit values:

Excerpt from the Article 15a B-VG:

Manually-fed roomheaters *) (wood fuels):
CO emissions = 1100 mg/MJ (unchanged)
NOx = 150 mg/MJ (unchanged)
OGC emissions = 50 mg/MJ (previously 80 mg/MJ)
Dust emissions = 35 mg/MJ (previously 60 mg/MJ)
Minimum efficiency = 80% (previously 78%)

Automatically-fed roomheaters **) (wood pellets):
CO emissions = 500 mg/MJ (unchanged)
NOx = 100 mg/MJ (previously 150 mg/MJ)
OGC emissions = 30 mg/MJ (unchanged)
Dust emissions = 25 mg/MJ (previously 50 mg/MJ)
Minimum efficiency = 80% (previously 78%)

*) for example roomheaters according to: DIN EN 13240, DIN EN 13229, DIN EN 12815, DIN EN 15250, DIN EN 15821

**) for example roomheaters according to: DIN EN 14785

Compliance with the limit values shall be verified by the appropriate type tests.


As of 01.01.2015 heat storage fireplaces have to prevent a confirmation of emissions

With come into effect of the first regulation implementing the Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz (BImSchV) of 22.03.2010 heat storage fireplaces have to prevent a confirmation of emission’s as of 01.01.2015.
This confirmation can be fulfilled with two methods:

  1. Local measuring after installation of the appliance
  2. Type test of the fireplace or of a fireplace family according to an acknowledged standard through an accredited body (like RRF)

The limit values of heat storage inset appliances with fill-in firing in accordance with DIN EN 13229/A1 are valid.

If you as a manufacturer of heat storage fireplaces or tiled stoves have the request of detailed information, it would be a pleasure for us to inform you by phone or in a personal conversation.

BeReal-Meeting in Frankfurt

On 07 April 2014, the first WP 2 Meeting took place in Frankfurt after the kick-off meeting held in the fall of last year in Straubing.

The aim of the project is to develop a method for describing the operational behavior of fireplace and pellet stoves under real conditions. The responsible presented the first sets of results of the field trials and evaluated the first statistics of the online questionnaire.

The online questionnaire is an important part of the project. We would be happy if you support the project by participating in the online survey.

The survey can be found at the following links:
English: https://ben.amu.at/umfragen7/index.php/446777/lang-en

German: https://ben.amu.at/umfragen7/index.php/446777/lang-de

Danish: https://ben.amu.at/umfragen7/index.php/446777/lang-da

French: https://ben.amu.at/umfragen7/index.php/446777/lang-fr

Italian: https://ben.amu.at/umfragen7/index.php/446777/lang-it

Swedish: https://ben.amu.at/umfragen7/index.php/446777/lang-sv

Dutch: https://ben.amu.at/umfragen7/index.php/446777/lang-nl

The survey which takes about 5 minutes will be guided by the online system. The response and data quality strongly depends on the number of completed questionnaire within the next few months.

The next consortium meeting is scheduled for July 2014 in Frankfurt.

EFA – spring meeting in Olsberg

On March 26 and 27 members of the European fireplaces Association (EFA, Europäische Feuerstätten Arbeitsgemeinschaft) came together for the annual spring meeting in Olsberg in the Sauerland. The well attended event took place in the information and demonstration center Renewable Energy (I.D.E.E., Erneuerbare Energien), which is offered the ideal venue for the EFA as a central point for information on the topics of wood, solar and renewable energy sources.

The focus of the event were several lectures to the topic of wood firing.

Speakers at the event were:

  • Dr. rer. nat. Ingo Hartmann of DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gGmbH (Lecture: emissions of biomass-small combustion)
  • Ivo Kastl made ​​by Schräder Abgastechnologie (demonstration: Particulate measurement with fine dust filter)

Other items on the agenda:

  • the Ecodesign Directive with the future energy labeling of heating systems
  • a presentation to the topic “Energy Wood – A scarce resource?”
  • the results of the EuP Directive, Lot 1 and 2, and the latest new to Lot 15 and 20
  • the new website of the EFA
  • the delivery specifications for suppliers of exhaust systems in relation to the EFA Quality Seal
Foto Sven Müller und Dr. Jürgen Rosenfeld

New head of testing laboratory

Sven Müller is going to be the follower of Ewald Lücker for the technical head of our testing laboratory in the field of construction products regulation (EU) No. 305/3011.
Mr. Jürgen Rosenfeld remains as head of testing laboratory of the testing, monitoring and certification body according to LBO. Mr. Müller will be our deputy in this field of products.
We are happy about the engagement of Sven Müller wish him every success for the future!

Likewise, we say thank Mr. Lücker for many years of collaboration and wish him all the best for his retirement!