Environmental Sustainability Information (ESI)

With the publication of standards series EN 16510-2-x:2022 in the Official Journal of the European Union and thus their harmonisation, an environmental sustainability information for fireplaces becomes mandatory as part of the Declaration of Performance. The European Green Deal sets requirements for the construction sector. This Green Deal results in a standardization mandate on “sustainable use of resources” for the European Committee for Standardization. A simplified approach has been developed that allows the creation of type-specific sustainability information based on generic information for main components of the appliances and various lifecycle phases.

The ESI considers the following lifecycle phases:

• Manufacturing phase

• Usage phase

• Disposal phase

• Reuse and recycling potential

The HKI Industry Association, in cooperation with service provider Kiwa, has developed a calculation tool for creating environmental sustainability information for domestic stoves for solid fuels according to the EN 16510-x:2022 standards series. The tool is a simple way to meet the requirement.

According to Annex ZA of the standards series, we, as RRF, are responsible for controlling the existence and completeness of the ESI in the context of creating a test report for a construction product.

For further information regarding the ESI, please feel free to contact us.