Important information of the prospective EN 16510

Is your test report ready for EN 16510?

We would like to give you again the current information about the prospective series of standards EN 16510.


What is EN16510?

The EN 16510 part 1 together with part 2 will supersede EN 13240 for roomheater, EN 13229 for inset appliances, EN 12815 for cookers and EN 12809 for independent boilers. Besides there is also intended that the EN 16510 as well replace the EN 14785 for space heating appliances as well as the EN 15250 for slow heat release appliances.

The revision of these European Standards takes into account the comments received at their 5-year review. This document has been prepared under a mandate given to CEN by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association.

The structure of EN 16510, Residential solid fuel burning appliances, is as follows:

— Part 1: General requirements and test methods

— Part 2-1: Roomheaters

— Part 2-2: Inset appliances including open fires

— Part 2-3: Cookers

— Part 2-4: Independent boilers — Nominal heat output up to 50 kW

— Part 2-5: Slow heat release appliances

— Part 2-6: Appliances fired by wood pellets


How is the current status of standardization?

At the moment the parts 1, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 and 2-4 are present as preliminary FprEN (final draft).

We cannot tell you the date of commencement by now because there are no official news. To prepare us and our testing laboratories we assume that the commencement will be start in spring 2017.


Which consequences does the change of standards have?

The new series of standards differs in their parts in essential points of the former standards, so in many cases additional tests right up to new type tests are required. Anyway a review of the existing test report is necessary if this one and the underlay test also fulfill the requirements of EN 16510. Is this the case we can write a new test report according to EN 16510. Because there are also new requirements set on the test report.

We are strived our tests continually adapt to the requirements of the preliminary EN 16510. So current tests fulfill the requirements and can be rewritten. Also type tests during this year 2016 are valid by the to this date valid stand of standards.


What is the timing?

Like already mentioned above there isn´t a concrete date of commencement. We prepare internally for a commencement starting in spring 2017. After the commencement their will be a interim period (3 years are requested / expected interim period is 2 years). If the interim period is over the declaration of performance of a building product has to be imperative base on a valid test report recording to EN 16510.

Because the review of a test report or a necessary additional test and the corresponding new test report according to EN 16510 is very time consuming, the interim period is relatively short, so you should care about the reorganization early.

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