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Publication of EN 16510-1 as a non-harmonized standard

With the issuing date from July 2018, the English version of EN 16510-1 has been published in CEN. The German version will now follow in the next few weeks and thus the revision of the old fireplace standards is slowly taking shape.

A new structured setup of the EN 16510 series of standards is intended to simplify the handling for both manufacturers and users. Part 1, which is now published, contains the general requirements and tests for all domestic solid fuel fireplaces and is to be used in future in conjunction with a specific Part 2 for the corresponding type of fireplace.

Since this is a non-harmonized standard, it does not yet replace the current harmonized standards such as B. EN 13240, 13229, etc.

In EN 16510-1 the emission measurement methods for NOx, OGC and PM (Annexes D, E and F of the standard) are specified in a more detailed way than the previous specification and the test procedure for the type test is specified more clearly than in the previous CEN / TR 15883, which will be replaced by EN 16510-1. Due to the relevance of these detailed descriptions of emission measurement methods, CEN / TC 295 decided in November 2016 to publish Part 16510-1 as a non-harmonized standard. In addition, manufacturers can already apply the EN 16510-1 for the type testing of new developments, in order to avoid inspections after the harmonization of parts 2. There are no contradictions to the currently harmonized old standards.

However, it will not be possible to simply rewrite the test reports because EN 16510-1 and the specific parts 2 make further administrative requirements. Consequently, when converting the test reports to the 16510 series of standards, after the complete harmonization, an increased effort for the issuing of the test reports must be expected.