The RRF talks about political issues in Berlin

The industry association Europäisches Feuerstatten Arbeitsgemeinschaft (EFA) discusses mainly political topics at the autumn conference – The RRF participates in the exchange

The autumn conference of the Europäisches Feuerstatten Arbeitsgemeinschaft (EFA) which took place from 24 to 25 October 2019 in Berlin, focused mainly on political branch work in the European core market Germany. In close proximity to the Chancellor’s office and the Bundestag, the most important European industry representatives joined besides the RRF to vote on the political positions.

Despite the tense situation, EFA-CEO Mr. Uwe Striegler sees an opportunity for the industry and craftsmanship to actively shape the future. “the amendment of the BImSchV, the introduction of the “Blauer Engel” and the discussion regarding the derivation conditions are just as much technical as well as political issues,” says Striegler.

The program of the meeting also became politically. Tino Sorge, member of the Bundestag, showed points of contact to the German federal politics. Dr. Johannes R. Gerstner, EFA-CEO, drew attention to the need for unity between all associations in Germany and offered the support from the EFA. Tim Froitzheim, ZVSHK, explained the current state of the particle and environmental discussion. Dirk Böhringer, technical manager of the EFA, offered a European perspective beyond the current German discussion. Prof. Dr. Michael Mäs from The University of Groningen (Netherlands) announced an EFA-supported research project on the public discussion of particular matters.

Christian Droll represented the RRF and introduced himself and his role as chairman of the Research and Science Advisory Board. In addition, the future members of the advisory board were presented and the members of the association will have the opportunity to participate.

The association EFA is growing – six new members have joined since March 2019 – and is an effective platform for representing industry interests and a way to voice the interests for fireplaces and chimneys.