Collective meetings in late 2018

Also, at the end of the year, our technical heads actively participated again in the important collective meetings.

Mr. Christian Droll was once again at the E.F.A. meeting in Graz, Austria, from 07. – 08.11.2018.

At the professional group meeting, the most important and current topics were treated and discussed as well as information was gained through the technical lectures by Mr. Dl Dr. med. Ernst Höftberger on the topics of candle burner technology and combustion technology and integrated separators (catalyser) and by Mr. Dr. rer Pol. Johannes R. Gerstner on the topic of click-journalism in connection with product placement.

On the members meeting the many important topics such as the EFA-Index, the summary of the technical convention, TC 166 and TC 295 standards, the new standard series “EN 16510 – Residential solid fuel burning appliances”, the revision of the national rules (e. g. 1. BImSchV) and other European topics (e. g. AEBIOM – Bioenergy Europe and CleanHeat) were discussed.

The EFA index is a branch marker that has been collected by the fireplace working group, in cooperation with the professional journal “Kachelofen & Kamin”, according to the scientific criteria since end of last year and allows an overview of the branch. In regular intervals the magazine is presented. We would be pleased, if you too, could incorporate in this matter to create a meaningful industry ratio. Under the following link you can find the EFA index and participate in it. The more are involved, the better the quality of the data. (The survey is completely anonymous)


Mr. Dennis Droll was this time at the HKI meeting from 29. – 30.10.

The meeting in Frankfurt am Main also dealt with the current topics such as the current market situation in this branch and the technical lectures given by Dr. Hermann Handen from the FNH on “Wood burning in the field of conflict between climate policy and air pollution control” and Mr. Dr. Ing. Norbert K. Mülleisen from the asthma and allergy center Leverkusen of the topic of “Car, stove, health: fine dust from the perspective of a lung doctor”.

With such important meetings, we are always up to date for you.