First FlammeVerte Laboratories Meeting

The first official FlammeVerte (FV) Laboratories Meeting was on 23th of June 2016 in Paris at „Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables”. The presentation about FV label, the RoundRobin test between the FV laboratories and the accreditation of the laboratories by Eurovent Certita were big points of the agenda. Also the „Golden Rules Document“ for the FV laboratories were worked out and the future procedure as well as important issues were discussed.

Important information for manufacturers

  • Which advantages has been offered by FlammeVerte?

The FV label is in France the best known award for fireplaces and is politically provided by “Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables”. It has a big awareness at the customers and arranges high market acceptance. Also for manufacturers, who do not sell in France, the label is interesting because the limit values and especially the 7. star will apply with the future EcoDesign requirements (in 2022). For that you can label your products accordingly. For pure producers the label is also interesting because it´s easier to find OEM customers on the French market.

  • To request as a manufacturer the FV label for the first time, three steps are necessary:

1. Application to


Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables

13-15 Rue de la Baume

75008 Paris


with a presentation of the manufacturer and the products.

Contact persons for the application are Mr. Nicolas Audigane and Mr. Alexis Errard.

2. Inspection of the manufacturers documents (also test reports) by Eurovent Certita and assessment if the test reports where issued by FV laboratories and based on it the classification according to 5, 6 or 7 stars.

3. „Entry Test“ – The highest classificated fireplace of the manufacturer will be chosen and has to test again at a FV laboratory.

> if the test results correspond the manufacturer gets the FV label

Any other fireplaces of the manufacturer will be classified according to the test results of the type tested test reports in 5, 6 or 7 stars. If the manufacturer already type tested in a FV laboratory the “Entry Test” is dropped.

  • What is going to be tested?

The focus of FV is the adherence of the emission limit values. Because of that all pertinent testing for emission are performed, tests for fire safety are not important.

  • What happens after the manufacturer got the FV label?

One fireplace of each manufacturer has been tested with a “Performance Check” by FV between 2013 and 2016, so in between those three years every manufacturer had to perform a cross-validation. In 2017 every manufacturer should perform a cross-validation once a year. If there are any deviations on test results (both positive or negative) at one of this cross-validations the fireplace will be upgraded or downgraded.

  • Do OEM products have the ability to get the FV label?

If the basic fireplace has a test report of a FV laboratory they do not need new test for the OEM products.

If the basic fireplace has not a test report of a FV laboratory the OEM customer also hast to perform the “Entry Test”.

  • What are the latest valid limit values?

The officially limit values are on the homepage

  • Are there any tightening of limit values?

The limit values of the star classification remain in place. However the lower classifications are going to be invalid during the next years.

2014: 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-star fireplaces

2015 5-, 6-, 7- star fireplaces

2018: 6-, 7- star fireplaces

2020: 7- star fireplaces

  • What happens with old test reports?

Since 18th of May 2016 the RRF is officially FlammeVerte testing laboratory. If the manufacturer already is a FV customer all test reports with an earlier date have to validate and verified in order of the manufacturer by the RRF and a new test report accepted by FV has to issued. In the course of the entry-tests for new costumers this procedure is not valid. For that a new testing on the test bench is necessary.


At the end of the meeting the laboratories decided to continuing work out the „Golden Rules Document”, which gives the test specification for FV laboratories and commit in writing to adherence. Additionally at least once a year a Laboratories Meeting in Paris should take place.