Harmonization of EN 16510

Today we can inform you that the long-awaited citation in the Official Journal of the European Union of the designated parts of the EN 16510 series of standards, and thus harmonisation, has finally taken place.

This concerns the following parts of the standard

EN 16510-2-1:2022     Residential solid fuel burning appliances – Part 2-1: Room heaters.

EN 16510-2-2:2022     Residential solid fuel burning appliances – Part 2-2: Inset appliances including open fires

EN 16510-2-3:2022     Residential solid fuel burning appliances – Part 2-3: Cookers

EN 16510-2-4:2022     Residential solid fuel burning appliances – Part 2-4: Independent boilers – Nominal heat input not exceeding 50 kW

EN 16510-2-6:2022     Residential solid fuel burning appliances – Part 2-6: Mechanically by wood pellets fed heaters, inset appliances and cookers.

The coexistence period (transition period) has been set at 24 months (until 9 November 2025) by the European Commission. During this time the products named above can still be on the market based on the original test reports.

What will come next?

Now, after the standard has been harmonized, can we apply for notification to the DIBt. As soon as the notification has been issued by the DIBt, the testing laboratories are allowed to issue test reports in accordance with the above-mentioned standards.

From November 9, 2025, the above-mentioned construction products must be declared with a CE marking based on type tests in accordance with the applicable part of EN 16510.

We are currently still waiting for information on how to deal with historical data from existing test reports. The committee of the notified bodies SG03WG2, in which we participate, made a proposal here. However, there is no official decision of the european commission yet.

You are welcome to contact us about tests according to EN 16510 or the transfer of historical data.

For further information according EN 16510 follow the Link: The new standard series EN 16510-x:2022 – RRF (rrf-online.eu)