Collective meetings in late 2018

Also, at the end of the year, our technical heads actively participated again in the important collective meetings.

Mr. Christian Droll was once again at the E.F.A. meeting in Graz, Austria, from 07. – 08.11.2018.

At the professional group meeting, the most important and current topics were treated and discussed as well as information was gained through the technical lectures by Mr. Dl Dr. med. Ernst Höftberger on the topics of candle burner technology and combustion technology and integrated separators (catalyser) and by Mr. Dr. rer Pol. Johannes R. Gerstner on the topic of click-journalism in connection with product placement.

On the members meeting the many important topics such as the EFA-Index, the summary of the technical convention, TC 166 and TC 295 standards, the new standard series “EN 16510 – Residential solid fuel burning appliances”, the revision of the national rules (e. g. 1. BImSchV) and other European topics (e. g. AEBIOM – Bioenergy Europe and CleanHeat) were discussed.

The EFA index is a branch marker that has been collected by the fireplace working group, in cooperation with the professional journal “Kachelofen & Kamin”, according to the scientific criteria since end of last year and allows an overview of the branch. In regular intervals the magazine is presented. We would be pleased, if you too, could incorporate in this matter to create a meaningful industry ratio. Under the following link you can find the EFA index and participate in it. The more are involved, the better the quality of the data. (The survey is completely anonymous)


Mr. Dennis Droll was this time at the HKI meeting from 29. – 30.10.

The meeting in Frankfurt am Main also dealt with the current topics such as the current market situation in this branch and the technical lectures given by Dr. Hermann Handen from the FNH on “Wood burning in the field of conflict between climate policy and air pollution control” and Mr. Dr. Ing. Norbert K. Mülleisen from the asthma and allergy center Leverkusen of the topic of “Car, stove, health: fine dust from the perspective of a lung doctor”.

With such important meetings, we are always up to date for you.

FRÖBEL-Kindergarten „Weltentdecker“

The RRF is now helping the FRÖBEL-Kindergarten “Weltentdecker“ in Essen-Gerschede as a supporter in printing the kindergarten newspaper.

The FRÖBEL-Kindergarten “Weltentdecker“ in Essen published in assistance with the RRF a newspaper for the kids and parents of the kindergarten. It summarizes important information and dates for the parents and presents informative leaning experiments for the children. In addition to the learning situations and information, funny moments of the everyday kindergarten life can be found here.

The RRF loves to support such a development and support and wished the kindergarten much success as well as lots of fun for the readers of the newspaper.

Erfolgreiche Akkreditierung

Successful accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065

Following the successful audit by the DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH), the RRF has now been officially accredited to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17065 and recognized as a certification body.

The RRF is your reliable partner for the certification and external control of chimneys, exhaust systems and flue pipes according to DIN EN 1856 and DIN EN 14989. We have therefore enhanced our portfolio to our existing certification- and external control activities in the fields of chimneys, exhaust systems, exhaust heat exchangers, dust collectors and flue pipes.

So, the RRF can now offer you a wide range of certification activitiesin the field of Chimneys and exhaust systems. If you are interested or have questions, we are always at your disposal.

The accreditation according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17065: 2012 is conducted under DAkkS No. D-ZE-17727-01-00.

Evaluation of the 1. BImSchV of 2010

On 25.09.2018 and 09.10.2018 the expert discussion on “Evaluation of the 1. BImSchV of 2010”, on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency, and under the guidance of the German Biomass Research Center in Berlin took place. The focus was set on the emission reduction of individual room fireplaces. Among other, it was the task for the experts to research and evaluate experiences on this topic. Amongst these selected experts were the gentleman Christian and Dennis Droll who actively participated and incorporated upon this matter.

Flagge Europas

Publication of EN 16510-1 as a non-harmonized standard

With the issuing date from July 2018, the English version of EN 16510-1 has been published in CEN. The German version will now follow in the next few weeks and thus the revision of the old fireplace standards is slowly taking shape.

A new structured setup of the EN 16510 series of standards is intended to simplify the handling for both manufacturers and users. Part 1, which is now published, contains the general requirements and tests for all domestic solid fuel fireplaces and is to be used in future in conjunction with a specific Part 2 for the corresponding type of fireplace.

Since this is a non-harmonized standard, it does not yet replace the current harmonized standards such as B. EN 13240, 13229, etc.

In EN 16510-1 the emission measurement methods for NOx, OGC and PM (Annexes D, E and F of the standard) are specified in a more detailed way than the previous specification and the test procedure for the type test is specified more clearly than in the previous CEN / TR 15883, which will be replaced by EN 16510-1. Due to the relevance of these detailed descriptions of emission measurement methods, CEN / TC 295 decided in November 2016 to publish Part 16510-1 as a non-harmonized standard. In addition, manufacturers can already apply the EN 16510-1 for the type testing of new developments, in order to avoid inspections after the harmonization of parts 2. There are no contradictions to the currently harmonized old standards.

However, it will not be possible to simply rewrite the test reports because EN 16510-1 and the specific parts 2 make further administrative requirements. Consequently, when converting the test reports to the 16510 series of standards, after the complete harmonization, an increased effort for the issuing of the test reports must be expected.

Donation marathon “Sternenbrücke” in Hamburg

Not only at the end of the year, the RRF wants to get socially involved, therefore this time, in the middle of the year in cooperation with Konnex GmbH we also contributed to the donation marathon “Sternenbrücke” in Hamburg

The children’s hospice “Sternenbrücke” accompanies the affected families within the scope of the relief care on the long illness way of their children, in order to enable a strength giving recovery phase. In crisis situations and the last phase of life, an admission is also possible at short notice. In addition, the “Sternenbrücke” continues to assist the affected families even after the loss of their child.

New energetic support

At the same time two interns started their internship at the RRF in March.

We are glad to welcome Ms. Jacqueline Bojarski in the team of the RRF. She is currently completing her half-year internship during retraining as a management assistant for office management.

In addition, Niklas Günther completed his two-day student internship for vocation field orientation.

We are happy about the energetic support.

Appearance on the Progetto Fuoco

Again this year, we were active for you at many fairs and events. Our heads of the laboratory were for example, four days at the Porgetto Fuoco in the beautiful Verona, Italy. We had more than 40 meetings and appointments for you.

This year, around 70 000 trade visitors and end customers visited the fair. They were able to examine the technical and design innovations of around 800 manufacturers on the 115 000 m² fairground.

Should you visit or exhibit at a fair and you are interested in meeting us and having an appointment you are welcome to contact us at or + 49 208 607041-0.

New requirements for the certification of fireplaces, that are operated with combustible biomass in Italy

As of 07.11.2017, the new regulation n. 186, passed by the Minister of the environment, in collaboration with the Minister of health and the Minister of economy and development, came into force.

It applies to small fireplaces and boilers, which are operated with biomass solid fuels.

The regulation sets requirements for the emission of particles, OGC, NOx, CO and the efficiency.

There are 5 categories of emission requirements, which are divided into stars.

The requirements can be found in detail in the following table:

Type of fireplace Particles








N (%)
Open fireplaces 25 35 100 650 85
Inset appliances 25 35 100 650 85
Roomheaters 25 35 100 650 85
cookers 25 35 100 650 85
Slow heat release appliances 25 35 100 650 85
Heating appliances fired by wood pellets 15 10 100 250 88
Boilers 15 5 150 30 88
Boilers fired by wood pellets 10 5 120 25 92
Open fireplaces 30 70 160 1250 77
Inset appliances 30 70 160 1250 77
Roomheaters 30 70 160 1250 77
cookers 30 70 160 1250 77
Slow heat release appliances 30 70 160 1000 77
Heating appliances fired by wood pellets 20 35 160 250 87
Boilers 20 10 150 200 87
Boilers fired by wood pellets 15 10 130 100 91
Open fireplaces 40 100 200 1500 75
Inset appliances 40 100 200 1500 75
Roomheaters 40 100 200 1500 75
cookers 40 100 200 1500 75
Slow heat release appliances 40 100 200 1250 75
Heating appliances fired by wood pellets 30 50 200 364 85
Boilers 30 15 150 364 85
Boilers fired by wood pellets 20 15 145 250 90
Open fireplaces 75 150 200 2000 75
Inset appliances 75 150 200 2000 75
Roomheaters 75 150 200 2000 75
cookers 75 150 200 2000 75
Slow heat release appliances 75 150 200 2000 75
Heating appliances fired by wood pellets 50 80 200 500 85
Boilers 60 30 200 500 80
Boilers fired by wood pellets 40 20 200 300 90
Every fireplace that does not reach the requirements for 2-Stars, will be categorized as 1-Star.

The requirements mentioned in the table above are based on 13% O2.

The compliance of the value requirements needs to be proven by a document, the so-called “Certificato Ambientale”. The manufacturer can order this document, directly from us. We generally issue the “Certificato Ambientale” bilingually (English-Italian).


There is also a new requirement with regard to the state funding “Conto Termico 2.0”. Due to the fact that several contradictory documents have been submitted to the competent body, an official document of an accredited testing laboratory is required, which confirms compliance with the value requirements for “Conto Termico 2.0”. The manufacturer can also order this bilingual so-called “Rapporto Sintetico” (English-Italian), directly from us.

Of course, the RRF is an accredited laboratory for both the abovementioned Regulation as well as for “Conto Termico 2.0”. If you have any questions or interest, feel free to contact your personal contact or one of our employees.

Christmas campaign 2017

This year’s christmas campaign, the RRF supported three different institutions and associations: The children’s hospice “Balthasar” in Olpe, the children’s home “St. Josefshaus” in Essen and the SC Drolshagen.

With the children and youth hospice we support a very important institution, which offers a place of retreat for seriously ill children and their families. It supports families after a diagnosis of a serious illness. The little time left to the children in their young life should be filled with joy, laughter and happiness.

The children’s home St. Josefshaus has the goal, through intensive support and based on a Christian image, on the basis of qualified and differentiated, pedagogical and therapeutic concepts, to enable the here living kids, life their life in self-employment, with a meaning and as a member in today’s society.

It is important for the RRF to continue the support of sports clubs in these days, so that team sports do not perish. Promoting team spirit is an important feature for the RRF and is gladly supported.